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Need urgent help - GC approved but wrong date of birth on file - travel planning

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After a lot wait my GC got approved - for myself along with my family.

Now when I'm looking at the card - I noticed that my child's card has incorrect date of birth. I looked at my I-485 documents and there also it was incorrect. I think because of similar month and date and confusion between DD/MM/YYYY v/s MM/DD/YYYY, I overlooked that. It was a mistake. All supporting documents that we filed during 485 had correct date of birth for my child (except for the actual 485 form).

Now, what needs to be done. I'm planning to tavel with my family next month.

Please suggeest appropriate steps.


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Maybe, maybe not. You can try to get a stamp in the passport or wait until the replacement card arrives.

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Thanks for the posts Belle and pontevecchio.

1. What is SEVIS appointment, How do I get this, via Infopass?

2. As Belle suggested - if I take Infopass apt, stamp the passport and then file for I-90. And then travel with I-90 receipt, will there be any issue while returning back?

Has anyone done this, please post similar experiences.

Appriciate all help.

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Okay, so here I am...Thanks for you input pontevecchio and Belle.

Today I went to USCIS office with Infopass apt. The officer told me that I will have to file I-90 and return the original GC as well. When I told the officer that I need to travel in next 4 weeks and any RFE or biometric appointment could create the problem. Officer stamped the passport for 6 months:) And told that the child can travel abroad.

The experience was very good. Whole process probably took under 10 min.

Now, Since I’ll be travelling – can I file for I-90 after my return?

During international travel I’ll carry original GC and stamped PP.

Please share any similar experience.


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File as soon as you come back. Keep the form ready and overnight it when you return. Keep copies of everything. Be up front with the POE Officer if asked any specifics. Use the stamp for the child to return. They don't declare war on kids. Enjoy your trip.

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