I 485 Approval - Could this be possible

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Priority Date - 10/31/2006

I-485 Receipt Date on Receipt notice - August 8, 2007

I-485 Notice date on receipt notice - October 4, 2007

I-140 Approval date - 05/30/2007

My priority date was never current since the 2007 immigration fiasco happened. So I never checked my online status

Today when I put my receipt notice number - I got a message which said

Status - Card/Document production

NOW COMES THE STRANGE PART - It says that the card was sent to me on July 13, 2009 (two years ago) to the address on file

I never received the card (have always filed change of address AR-11 forms whenever I changed addresses)

I called USCIS and they tell me my case was approved and card sent and now I have to file a I-90 (replacement of card)

What is really strange is that in this 2 year period I have applied for EAD cards twice and received them, travelled on Advance parole and been let into the country Pending AoS and also got a H1B stamping done after July 13, 2011. Shouldn't the GC have been caught at some point

Is it really possible that I have GC I never knew? What can I do to ensure that I do have the GC and how can I get the GC card from USCIS?

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