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I got my MS in Mechanical Engineering this May from a university in the US. I am currently on OPT. I have been hired as a full-time Assistant Professor for Engineering and Physics by a community college. The community college is more than 40 years old and has more than 100 employees.

The HR has agreed to sponsor my H1B visa whenever needed in future. Since dealing with the immigration is a time consuming process, I was wondering what is the best solution available to me. Should I get my H1 sponsored or can I apply for PERM Special Handling since I will be working as a professor teaching courses. I only have a MS degree though (not a PhD).

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Thanks for your reply veni001. My employer has said that it will consult with its legal counsel to see what is the best long-term solution available. I am going to try and ask them to apply for PERM. What I am not sure is whether I will be eligible for Special Handling of PERM since I will be involved in classroom teaching. I only have a MS degree though (not a PhD). And if I am eligible for PERM Special Handling, how easy/time consuming is it?

Thanks again

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