F1 to H1B Vermont - Urgent


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I applied for H1b on Jan 6 2011 (Vermont) regular processing, got an RFE in April and status updated to RFE received on May23 2011. My OPT extn ended on June 12 2011. I have a job but i am not working since my OPT expired.

I have upgraded to PP on June 7 2011 status updated from RFE to initial processing then Acceptance. My question is how many more days i have to wait to get decision from USCIS? Can i work before i get decision as i have the receipt # and my H1 start date was requested Feb1 2011. Please help me with your suggestions as it is very urgent... Thanks in advance.

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As long as your H1B petition is pending and its requested for October 1st start date, you are eligible to work in OPT under the CAPGAP rule. google CAPGAP for more info but you are good to work.

Send your H1B receipt to school and get an updated I-20. Thats all you need to do. You don't even have to wait for the I-20 to get updated.

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