New Job Title after approved I-140


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I have an approved I-140 with priority date April, 2009. My job was that of an Engineer and now I have got promoted as Technical Solutions Manager. Based on what I have heard the position in your I-140 should match when filing your I-485. What should I do here?

If I start my application again, I assume that I can port my priority date, but looking at how the Labor and I-40 processing time moving, I am scared to restart my application process all over again.

Do I have a work around.

Any guidance?


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Either you stay in the same or similar position for which your employer got i-140 approval in the same geographic area. If this is not possible then you have to start all over again for the position you are going to be at the time of i485 application.

Once your i-140 is approved (and not revoked later due to fraud) you can always capture you PD with the future i-140 application

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Good to see people with same problem. Another problem I thinking is about my priority date. My priority date is April, 2009. Based on the numbers it should be current in next 3 years...Hopefully:).

But if I restart my case it will take 6 - 12 months for my labor clearance and another 30 months for my I-140 based on records.

Can we file I-140 and I-485 together?


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