H1 221g Pink slip and for H4 spouse daughter unknown


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I appeared for H1 primary with H4 (spouse & kid) at the same time at Kolkata. The VO asked few questions and I answered well. She saw my B1 valid till 2019 (I only travelled once on 2010 and returned withing 90 days though my i94 validity was 180 days i.e. 6 months).

She put "Cancelled without Prejudice" on B1.

She put some notes on my application maybe she wrote "Admin process pending" and for my spouse and Kid I saw she wrote "on-Hold".

Then she pulled a 221g pink slip and pushed mine and H4 (spouse and kid) papers to other counter and handed over me a form which was about to fill the Employment (previous and current)details and asked me to go to other counter where the Indian staff was waiting for me with my papers. That guy helped me and also asked me to share all family members names and relationships with age.

I filled that and handed over the form to the staff. I was given a 221g pink slip and they returned all our passports and asked to to check status online (pdf).

Can some one tell me what is this. How much time will it take. Will I get positive response. If my H1 vis is issues, what about my dependants (h4 spouse and kid).

When I asked the staff he say that I have to again come by person once I receive a phone call.

When I asked if I am not reachable due to any reason then he said they should sent email then.

Please Help, share you experiences !!!!!!!

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