H4 and H1B visa issue


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I was in the US on a H1B visa from October 2007 to February 2009 (visa was valid from Oct 2007 to Aug 2010). I am currently working in India (since my return in Feb 2009) and now I am applying for a H4 visa (got married a month ago) since my husband is in the US on a H1B visa currently.

If and when I find employment with a company (who is ready to sponsor my H1B visa) after I go to the US, will I get a H1 visa with the remainder of 4 years or for 3 years with an option to extend it later? Also, from what I know so far, I will not be counted in the annual cap/ quota of H1B visas right? What would be the earliest date that I can start work in the US assuming I find an employer who sponsors my H1B visa?

Please help!


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