Is transit visa required to travel to Vancouver on H4 Visa?


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Currently I am out of status on H1b visa since May 2011. I have an unexpired H4 visa stamped on my passport. I am planning to travel to Vancouver on H4 visa next week to get I-94 to maintain my status in US. Do I need a transit visa in Vancouver. I am planning to get back to US the same day. Please advice.

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Thanks pontevecchio and JoeF

Crossed Tijuana boarder yesterday to convert back to H4 (H4 visa on passport is still valid). Officer took back the I94 corresponding to the H1B via.

He didn't take back the I94 corresponding to the initial H4 via.

Officer told that I don't need a new I94 as the last I94 (when I came on H4 visa first time) is still valid. He told that I am back on H4 status now.

Do you by chance know if this correct? Was I supposed to get a new I94 so as to have an "Action" in my case?.

I Came to US on H4 on Sep 2009. I94 valid until July 2012.

H1B kicked off on Oct 2009. Got new I94 valid until June 2013. Worked until April 2011.

Laid off in May 2011.

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Ok, here is an update on our case, in case it helps others here....

we talked to the attorney from Murthy firm and went to the cbp office at vegas this morning and explained the situation. The officer took our paperworks, checked the System and informed that the officers at San Ysidro (Tijuana) have updated my status as H4 status and I am on H4 status now.

He said something like - my I94 from H4 was still open and they had updated that I94...

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