I-485 without I-693


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Dear all,

I-693 must be submitted with I-485 or could it be sent later? As it is not easy to get USCIS designated doctors appointment in the area. So, if I-485 is mailed without I-693, will invite only a RFE or could it leads to rejection also? Please enlighten me about current scenario, I know it was OK to send without it 2007. Thanks!

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Check with other immigration authorized doctor in your area if you do not file the i693 then you will get the RFE which will delay your case further. If you are using same doctor then do not forget to take the letter from them about nonavailability of appointment date. You can submit that letter with your I485 that way you are safe. Still you going to get the RFE.

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Talk to a lawyer about it. I would only do it if I were against the wall and there was absolutely ho humanly possible way to submit the medical, and the date was retrogressing, and the status was expiring, something like that. Although, realistically, proving your eligibility (i.e. that you are a beneficiary of an I-140 that is current) and basic admissibility (i.e. you entered the country legally) should be enough to get your petition accepted, and then you can deal with RFEs.

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