PERM application Audit and Employer change


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My current employer filed the PERM application in Nov 2010. But it was chosen for Audit in Jan 2011 and Employer replied by Feb 2011. Given the processing time, I will be getting the reply during early 2013

In the mean time, I am planning to change the employer this May 2011 and apply for new PERM application by this Oct 2011 aiming to have an answer this time by Jan 2012

Please let us know if the strategy is correct. Also let me know what I should do with the PERM with my current employer after changing the employer - Shall I ask my Current employer to cancel/withdraw or leave it as it is. Also while I am applying for the new PERM (with new employer in Oct 2011) do I need to mention that I have already applied for a PERM in Nov 2010

Thanks in advance

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Can some one please respond. Also let me know if my current employer can continue with PERM application processing for me with out my H1 with them.

If two PERM applications are there for same candidate with two different employers will that be an issue? Please let me know how to handle the current PERM application so that it can be useful for future but should not be an issue with my new PERM application with my new employer

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