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I am on H1 and had EAD which expired in March 2011. I want to apply for a EAD renewal for me and spouse (who is on H4) and would like to get a list of documents needed to send along with the e-file confirmation.

There are a few topics on this subject but they are either out-dated ot there is a lot of confusion around this.

Also, please let me know which address we need to send the document package. I live in New Jersey.

Thanks in advance.

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Dear Jignesh

Thanks for the reply. If I had got a reliable answer for my query on Google, I wouldn't have come to this website :-)

If you google this query you will get 50000 pages with different answers and if Google was the answer to all immigration questions then we won't need Murthy forums. So let us wait for some very experienced & helpful members like Belle to post meaningful replies to my query.

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