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I have valid H1B visa & applied for AOS in 2007 before getting married. My spouse is on L1B visa.

Here is the situation -- Just came to know that my wife's project is going to end this week. It is very likely that my priority date may become current in Aug 2011. I am then planning to file AOS for my wife as a derivative.

1. Will my wife be out of status once L1B project ends in the first week of July ? Will I still be able to apply for her AOS in Aug 2011 ?

2. If I apply for L1B --> H4 COS now (I may not get it approved within 4 months, but), can I still apply for her AOS in Aug 2011 with her L1B --> H4 COS pending ?

4. If I get I 485 approval before the approval of L1B --> H4 COS for my wife, will my wife's AOS still get processed ? Will she be in a valid status (L1B --> H4 COS application pending protection) even after my I 485 is approved ?

Thanks in advance.

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