Please suggest-- while my case is pending on 221g green


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I went h1b renewal stamping in june at chennai consulate,got 221g green form and I have submitted the documents in july 2 week.I have been waiting for the response from last 2 far it is under review.

I am working on E-V1-V2-C model.

Can I transfer my h1b to V2 vendor or Do I need to wait for the response(I am not sure when I will get it , it over 2 months already).

Please suggest.



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Here is my H1B renewal stamping experience

My Interview was on 17th May 2011 at Chennai consulate.

I am working on EVC (Employer Preferred Vendor and Client) model.

Received 221g blue form asking for the below documents(Passport not asked to submit).

1) Copy of petition with all supporting documents as filed to USCIS.(including Petition supporting letter - this was missing at the time of interview).

2) A copy of employment contract or letter of agreement signed by you and the petitioner.

3) Petitioner's Income Tax Return for the last two tax years and financial statements.

4) A copy of contract between End Client and Vendor (This was not with me at the time of interview).

5) Client Letter.

6) In the OTHER Section VO asked "Complete work itinary until 2013".

I submitted all the docs on May 24th except Contract between Vendor and client, instead I submitted the Purchase Order(PO) between the Client and vendor because there was no contract signed between the vendor and the client. They are just working based on the Purchase Orders as the client doesn't want to sign or involve any leagel contracts.

I got 221g blue sheet again on June 14th(the same old blue sheet) from the consulate. This time they marked on it that they need contract between vendor and client. i.e. Purchase Order was not enough.

I requested the same to my vendor and client. They created a new contract between them and gave it to me. I resubmitted all the docs again on June 24th.

I am still waiting for a response. every time when I call the consulate they are saying that my case is under review.

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You should do it asap. I had the same scenario. I was working in E-V1-V2-C model and I went to H1 stamping at Hyderabad consulate in May. I was given 221g Blue slip. And after about 3 months I got rejection letter saying that My employer doesn't have direct contract with the client. This was clearly mentioned. So If it is possible do it asap.

Thanks !

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hey, i also got the same green form in feb and now after a long wait got the rejection letter....after following the forums from long time, i will advice u to transfer ur h1 to ur direct vendor to the end client if possible and attend for visa interview again under E-C model..gud luck.....some people have done like this n they got the visa.....

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