EB3 - EAD for 2 Years, but Driving License for 1 year.


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Today we went to renew my wife's drivers license, since we got the new EAD effective until 2013.

In DMV they asked for I-485 original receipt notice as well and send that for verification. After verification is approved, they said, yes, the application is pending, so we will provide the license effective for one year only, eventhough the EAD is valid for years from now. But last time 2 years back, they gave it for 2 year, ie. the validity of EAD.

Ours is EB3 prioroty date jan 2004.

Is this anything different in Virginia than any other states?


Rizwana Jaheer

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i would say forget about rules in diff states

in my case in same office same time they issue diff validity for diff people

my case wife got for 18month thats her validity for ead and myself got for 1 year.

basicaly the officers dont know what the rule is.

on both our DL the validity for driving is 7 years but there is extra note saying temporary residence for 1 year in mycase and 18months for wife.

so we have to visit after that and renew again

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