221g refusal - h1 amendment


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I have attended visa interview at hyd consulate on July 6th 2011 and got a generic refusal letter on July 27th(in 3 weeks). Attorney thought that reason could be address difference in I129 petition and LCA (not sure though).

My employer filed H1 amendment with my current client location and it got approved.

H1 Amendment filed Date: Aug/11/2011

Approved Date: Aug/18/2011

I'm planning to attend interview 2nd time at hyd consulate in 2 weeks, hope it works this time

Can anyone please suggest me on my case?

Thanks in Advance

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Hi Hins1982,

Were your rejected with your previous client initailly. And then your employer applied for amendment with your current client. Please clarify. Becuase I also attended stamping and got rejected with generic reason that employer cannot provide employment, and also address issue. Please reply.



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