current H1 B stamping issues


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My initial three years of stamping expires nov -2011. my company has started my PERM and H1B extension. I am trying to see if its safe to travel out of the US to get a stamp and if yes then is India[mumbai-my hometown] a good option or should i rather go to canada or bahamas?

I am not a contractor and a work for as a full time employee for my company.

Also what are usual things that are causing issues in people getting Administrative Processing and the other dreadful ping slips... for stamping..

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i keep hearing people getting Administrative processing due to

1. common names

2. w2<lca .. does anyone have any idea if they look for currrent year or last 2-3 years or all years on h1?

i was initially working for a contracting company when i came to us in FEb 2008. then decemebr 2008 i joined my current company as full time and had h1 transferred. am thinking my 2008 w2 could be potentially less than the LCA as i was not on a project all the time..

does anyone have any ideas ?

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