Impact of Parent Name Change in passport on GC processing

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I have incorrect father name(some thing like xxrsaxxx) on my old passport compared with my 10th and other degree certificates which have my father name as xxrasaxxx. I have got my father name (xxrasaxxx as per my 10th certificate) in new passport issued in NY. I have used old passport copies for all my labor and I140, H1B filing. my new passport issued few months back. I am in the process of getting a birth certificate or affividit from parents. My question is to get as per latest passport or old passport. This is one question.

My second question is will there be any problem in GC processing because of old passport name(old passport copies are used for labor, I480 filing) and file I485 with new passport and BC issued as per new passport? I am concerned on potential RFE in future in I485 procesing. I want to avoid such scenario. I am preparing for I485 filing when my PD becomes current. I have not filed I-485 yet. can you please advise what would be the best option in my situation?

i have two options

i)whether i need to correct new passport as per old passport name and get BC issued as per old passport name even though father name is incorrect with 10th or intermediate certificates(If USCIS does not validate school certificates)?

ii) keep parent name as it is in new passport and get BC as per new passport?

If anyone has encoutered and know of these issues, please advise me. appreciate your help on this.

I am also not sure whether DOS will have my parents name recorded as per my old passport. did you remember if we will be filling parents in labor or i140 applications? anyone has idea, please let me know also. i did not get any copy of labor or i140 copy from my employer.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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Why do you think your passport was "used" for those applications, and specifically, why do you think your father's misspelled name has gotten into any records? As far as I know, passport copies are not needed for either I-140 or I-485. You of course need to state your father's name in the I-485 application, and you need to spell it correctly (as in real one, not in the passport).

Bottom line, if someone misspelled your father's name, it does not mean your father's name all of a sudden changed.

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