Changing employment - H1 - EAD - Important.

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I'm on H1 and having EAD (never used). My spouse is on H4.

Still waiting for the PD to be current.

I need to change my job as my current assignment is getting over soon. But there is a problem. Most of the new job requirements have a restriction as "consultants will be considered only if they are on their direct W2".

I would like to know the following:

1. Can I use my EAD and be on some other company's W2 and have my payroll run with them, without applying AC-21, and maintain my legal status?

2. If my present company is okay for that, is it possible for them to maintain my current H1 status?

3. In that case, Can my spouse still be on H4?

4. I would like to switch over to my current company as soon as I get a right opportunity.

5. In case my PD becomes current, Can my spouse apply for his/her I485 as a derivative?

6. Will I be in proper EB2 status, If I do use my EAD now (as in statements 1,2 above)and move on?

It's imperative that, I have to learn all these soon.

Appreciate help.


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