L-1B or H-1B


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company A (Finland branch of US company), for which I was working from Oct 2009 was acquired (owned) by other company B (US company) in May 2011. I am now working for Company B branch office in Filand. I will be soon relocated to US.

So in this case do i need to apply for L-1B or H-1B visa?


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Frequently, a position may qualify for H1B but not L1B or vice versa. If it is suitable for either H1B or L1B, the company is likely to weigh a number of factors which may make H1B or L1B a more appealing option.

I would recommend you and/or your employer contact an experienced immigration attorney who can discuss your immediate plans as well as your long-term goals in order to advise you on how best to proceed.

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