EB1 - Manager - 1 year employment outside USA

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I have been with the same company for 4 years as a manager (overall industry experience 11 years).

I joined the company in India, stayed there for 1.5 years, moved to US 2.5 years back.

I read on USCIS website that to qualify under EB-1 international manager category the person must have been employed for 1 year outside the USA in the 3 years preceding the petition.

All of my 12 months (1 year) does not fall into the last 3 years. What are my chances of qualifying for EB-1?

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What happens if person worked for the company A in US on H1B earlier and then moved back to home country with the same company, worked there for more than 1 year at manager level and cames back again to USA to work for same company at manager level. Will the person be eligible to file the GC under EB1 category (Executive/Manager Transfer).


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