221g blue form hyderabad - EVVC Model mess


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Hi Guys

Just wanted to share my experience at Hyderabad consulate. Previously I attended interview on May 27th at the same consulate and my visa was denied after getting 221g yellow slip. Filed amended petition and went for the interview just yesterday. Mine is E-V-V-C model. ZZZ a prime vendor (direct contract with end client) and YYY a sub vendor between my company and a prime vendor.

Unfortunately my employer had mentioned ZZZ as a sub vendor and YYY as a "Primary Vendor" in a cover letter to US consulate. Based on this letter they asked me: Q. How many consultants of YYY work at client place and how often YYY come to meet you in person at client place?

A. I said none and they never come to meet me. I interact with them on phone and emails (obviously because it is a sub vendor). They were shocked to hear this and gave me 221g blue slip with AAP ticked. I said I have all the contract papers and a client letter. They kept my petition documents and said it should be enough and will get back to me. Is anybody on the same boat? Your comments would be greatly appreciated.

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