Driving License Renewal with I797C in Houston


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is there anyone who got DL renewed with Extension receipt? (I797C)

My extension is still under Initian Review and has been over 2 months. But my license got expired (including 45 days grace period) last week. I am planning to to DMV to get it renewed with I797C. Any chnaces of success?

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I just renewed and transferred my out of state DL to Texas at the Dacoma DMV in Houston yesterday. My DL exp on 8/24.

My H1 extension is in process so I took the original receipt notice and a letter from my employer stating that the extension has been applied for XX date to YY date sicne the receipt notice does not indicate the dates.

All other documents you need are listed on the TX website (like SSN, passport, car registration etc.)

They issued a DL with a one year validity.

Hope this helps.

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You need to go to the Texas DPS office, preferably one of the new mega centers, with your expired driver license, passport, I-94 card, and I-797C form, and tell them that they need to file a SAVE system case request.  This is a newer process and the person you are dealing with may not know about it.  If they do this properly you will get a "Lawful Presence Verification Pending" letter from the Texas DPS in a few days that states the they could not verify your information online and need to send your documents (copies) to the USCIS for verification.  This is normal.  It will then take up to 20 days per the letter for the Texas DPS to get the verification back from the USCIS.  After which, you will be able to get a driver license renewal for 8 months (240 day authorized stay period).


I spoke to the Texas DPS today and they got our verification today (took 15 days), so my wife and I can go down to the office and renewal our driver licenses tomorrow.


Then it will be waiting for our H visa extensions (5+ months so far) and our permanent residency (green cards), which the application is being filed this week.

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