Can i travel to US with H4 expiring in 1 month


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Originally posted by shreyaagarwal:


Please do let me know if i can travel to the USA with my visa expiring Set 29th 2011.

My husband is on H1 and has got his visa extended.

I do not have his extension papers. Can i travel immediately to the US and get my visa extended after i get there? (i can get the extension once i reach to my husband)

thank you.

IT should be ok..i travelled when there was only 1 month remaining on my H1B . No questions were asked.

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Hi all

i have got my H1B stamped in Aug 2011 hyd consulate. mine has cleared 211g admin processing and got visa with in 1 month.

i am planning to travel to USA in Mid of Sep i am planning to send my wife for her H4 visa stamping. i do not have any pay stubs to submit, as i have not yet travel to USA after stamping

i need your suggestions is it wise enough to send her for H4 stamping now or do i need to wait till we get some pay stubs working in USA.

i was there in USA and returned back on 2009 DEC and present i have applied for new H1b and got successful stamping after 221g admin processing

any suggestions regarding questions that will be asked at time of H4 interview are very valuable


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