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I applied a H1B petition for wife in 2010 CAP.

USCIS received the H1B petition on 07/1410.Got RFE on 10/27/10 and they received the response from employer on 11/30/10., 3 days late to required date(11/27/10),they raised a 2nd RFE on 12/13/10 but denied the petition on same day. We never got any update and the status shows Review Response till date.Her employer on call with USCIS got to knw that it was denied arnd 04/26/11.V nevr received the denial notice.Last week,on call v got to knw abt RFE2 and a service request was raised.We should receive an update by Aug 4th 2011.I would like to know the chances of this case being re-opened and/or approved.

Appreciate your help.

thank you.

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Please consult with a qualified immigration attorney to discuss your case.

A denial may leave one without status in the US and one may be accruing unlawful presence, which can result in a bar to return to the US.

In addition, one generally only has 30 days to file a motion to request that a decision be reconsidered and/or reopened. Even if timely filed, the chances of success are case and fact specific.

Speaking with a qualified attorney will allow you to determine what the status is of your wife and what would be the best course of action for her to receive an H1B approval.

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