Urgent RFE on I-485 Birth Certificate


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Gurus, your advice please. Got RFE on my daughter birth certificate. It goes like this

"The service acknowledges the birth certificate submitted for XXX YYY. However, this birth certificate is not sufficient to establish the birth and parentage of XXX YYY. Most notably, the certificate utilizes initials and does not provide the full complete name of the child nor does it provide the full complete names of the parents. Therefore you must submit the following additional evidence.

Please submit the oldest available evidence which establishes your birth and parentage".

It then lists hospital records, medical records school records census etc as the possible evidences. It went on to say that affidavits from two individuals may also be sufficient.

We have a ration card from AP government (issued in 2005) which lists us as a family. It says XXX YYY is my daughter (full name and DOB) and AAA BBB is my wife (full name and DOB). Can this be used as an evidence ?

Can we, her parents (who are also co-applicants) execute the affidavits ?. Or is it better to take it from other who were present at the time of her birth ?

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You can provide three affidavits in this case. One from the father and one from mother of the child, may be another from a uncle or other relative. You can also provide passport copies of your daughter and also that of the parents as supporting documents in addition to the affidavits.

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Thanks for the reply. We submitted the following documents for establishing the birth and parentage of my daughter.

1) Affidavits from her parents (us) signed before a state notary.

2) Copy of her first passport - issued in 2003.

3) Copy of the "House Hold Card" issued by the state of Andhra Pradesh, India in 2005 - with names of family members, DOBs and their relationships.

Mailed the RFE package last week. Keeping fingers crossed.

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Hi Visa Sct,

Have you heard anything back? Please update (I am also in the same boat)

What do you mean by "heard anything back"? Hearing back from USCIS means you can expect response like "yes we receive your response to RFE", petition will be approved or denied. Nothing else. Check online status and keep the documentation of the timely response sent to USCIS (tracking information).

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