DV lottery with J-1 waiver consular proceesing (urgent)


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Hi everybody, I need some help.

I am here in the U.S. with a J-1 visa and got the J-1 waiver. I got a DV lottery (DV-2011)and I am waiting my DV rank number to be current.

Is it possible to apply for DV lottery by consular processing while on a J-1 visa waiver?

I appreciate your help

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If a person is "on" the J-1 waiver, I presume you are a doctor working out the 3 year period of service. If so, while the waiver has been granted, it is not possible to move forward with either the AOS OR CP until the service has been completed.

The lottery works on a fiscal year basis. If the case is not completed/visa not issued by the end of the fiscal year, the opportunity ends.

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