Documents to Carry for Full time position for H1 stamping


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•A current letter of employment (or that of the family member or person providing the applicant financial support) showing date hired, salary and position

•Pay slips and tax documents

•School letter with proof of tuition payment and a copy of official transcript

•Property deeds

•Canada Immigration Documents showing the applicant's current legal status in Canada (permanent resident card, student/work permit and/or visa, and/or temporary resident permit)

•Monthly bank statements

•Proof of sufficient funds to cover all expenses while in US

•Evidence which shows purpose of trip

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I went to stamping in June this yr to chennai.

I am working fulltime for a company here.

Here are the docs which i carried.



3)Employment verification letter(as its a fulltime)

4)Last 6 months paystubs

5)Last 6 months W2s

6)previous work ex letters

7)Flight tickets etc

VO checked my 797, W2, paystubs etc.

Hope this helps.



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