H1 refused twice now H4 at Mumbai consulate


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I was refused twice for H1B Visa. Now I am going to apply for H4 at Mumbai consulate. Actually I worked on H1 for 3 years also I have master's degree in Computer Engg. So they might ask me below question. Does any one know the better answer for this?

- You seem to be qualified for the job. So are you going to work there?

Thanks !

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This is a very personal question. However, I think you are better off sounding logical at least. I would go something like this ...

'I would have liked to but am not being allowed a work visa by the consulate. However, my spouse works in the US and wants to continue doing so in the near term. Our immediate goal is to at least be living together, have been separate since XX months, while we figure things out.'

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