H1B is getting expired and EAD not yet received based on Pending 485


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My 140/485/EAD/AP is filed at Nebrasaka center with prority date 06/08/2011 under EB1C category.

My current H1B expires on 07/31/2011.

As per Attorney , I can not work after 07/31/2011 until i received EAD. My queries are :

1. Can i work from Home and give continue support to my offshore based team as a volunter support. As per law, i can not go to client places and work after 07/31.My employer is planning to remove me from Payroll also.

Is volunter support is allowed until i get EAD ??

2. Can i start working at client places again once i see EAD approved in USCIS site or should i wait till i get physically EAD ? Generally how much time EAD approval will take and how long it will take to deliver to home ?

3. What is current processing time for Finger printing ? My case is filed 35 days before but still waiting for Finger printing letter from USCIS ? Can i call USCIS and create remedy ticket to expedite this.

Thanks in advance for your immediate reply.


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Your company can file H1-B renewal in Premium Processing so that you don't have to sit a long time without working.

We got our finger-printing appointment approximately 1 month after filing 485/EAD/AP. Also, got EAD/AP in exactly 3 months after filing.

Of course, we filed at Texas Service Center.

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