while waiting for change of status?


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okay so i am currently in a pending case regarding changing my status from f2-f1. I filed my I-539 in early july and I am still waiting to hear from USCIS. My university starts this monday the 29th of august. My international student official has told me that I can still go to the university if i can talk to my professors and have them okay with me starting later than my peers.

The problem is that my professors will drop me from my classes if I do not show up the first day of classes. Therefore my adviser told me that off the record, i should attend the first day of classes so i can hold my spot and also to talk to the professors to let them know what my situation is.

the second problem is that my university is very far away from where i live so i can not commute to the school. My housing office has no idea that i do not have my F1 visa yet so they expected my to move in with my fellow peers.

My question is, do you think i should start dorming while i am on my f2 just so i can hold a spot in my classes? My adivser has told me that she does not recommend i do this just incase if i get in trouble at school before i get my f1 visa, they can expel me or something. but that is IF i get in trouble. What do you guys think i should do? I dont want to lose my classes and then start next year.

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I am in the same situation, I still waiting to heard From USCIS I sent my application early in June and still waiting, classes start last monday august 23th 2011, I dont know what to do, I have a friend that still waiting from his status change and he is going to classes without status. what did you do? did you start classes yet?

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