H1 approved need to apply for H4


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Hi All,

This might sound a familiar issue. My H1 got approved and I have received the approval with I-797A. My wife had applied twice since Jan to get a F2 but was rejected on both the occasions. Now that my H1 is approved can she apply for H4 before October 1st, I understand that she cannot enter the US till then but can she get her visa approved. Also since the Mumbai Consulate is closed for renovation,which consulate would seem to a better option hyd/chennai?


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I cleary didnt understand the question you have asked, but if you have an approved H1B then certainly you can apply for H4 for your wife. She can apply for H4 interview any time their is no restricted time fram for this if you have approved H1B, the only thing is to consider that she can travel to USA only after 20th september.

In my case she applied for H4 itself, no H1b petition.

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