Non-profit H1-B to regular H1-B

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Hello all,

I have been laid off not long ago and I am on my 60 day grace period of H1-B right now. I am looking into options, including switching to B1/B2. Recently, it has come to my attention that one of my acquaintances works for a non-profit org and they said they could refer me for a position in their org that is very relevant to my profile. I just wanted to know a little bit more about how non-profit H1s work before I go ahead with anything. I know they don't go through lottery but if I want to switch from a non-profit H1 to a regular H1 do I need to go through lottery again? I already went through lottery once so I am assuming I don't have to but I am not sure. If I don't need to go through lottery, how complicated or easy is it to transfer from a non-profit H1 to regular H1 again? I am on my initial 3 years of H1 right now. Please help in any way you can, thank you!

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