B1/B2 Visa Status during H1B Filed/InProcess/Approved

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I am currently holding B1/B2 visa and it is valid till 2031. During 2023 and 2024 I've visited USA three times for tourism/vacation on my B2 visa. Every visit is around 10-15days during my vacation.

This year, my H1B got picked up and the filing was done before the given time line (Jun30). So it might take few months to get the petItion approval.

Meanwhile, I’ve couple of questions during this phase. (Filed/InProcess/Approved/H1bVisaGranted)

  1. 1. Can I travel on B2 for a week during this process on B2 visa? I have a travel plan for a week to meet my friends in the month of October last week (or) December last week.  I’ve booked return tickets for this trip and my intention is purely for vacation.
  2. 2. Say, I’ve attended the H1b visa interview in India and if it’s got approved will my B1/B2 revoked?
Appreciate your suggestions.
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Chances are very high that your H1b has been filed in consular processing.  After your H1b is approved, you will have to arrange for a H1b visa stamp at a US Consulate in India which will override your current B1/B2 visitors visa.  You can be on only one status at a given time.  Good Luck. 

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