H1B employer backdated termination date to avoid paying while on bench and underpaid me for one month

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I am an H1B employee with i Business solutions and my project with client ended on June 14, 2024. My employer shared my profile with another client and had me an interview scheduled on June 24, 2024. However they emailed me today saying that my employment with them ended on June 14, 2024. This is my first official communication that my employment ended with my employer.  And there is no information about my H1b visa and also no information about transportation charges for me to fly back to my home country.  They haven't paid me prior June 14 and they issued an email today that I got terminated on June 14, 2024. What are my chances of suing my employer?  Are they legal allowed to back date termination date and he even texted me saying that he verbally communicated this. He never called me and I have all the call records of his texts and the day he actually called. My employer also released an offer letter before filing for my h1b extension in last may in which it is stated it will be paid 51.3$ from the day visa is approved. My extension got approved on May 23rd but they still ran my payroll for 47$. Please help in this regards. Can I sue my employer for this?  Is there a chance for me to apply for T visa as I may have to leave us in next 60 days. 

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