Employer Forcing Relocation Despite Approved Amendment

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I work for a company based in Atlanta, Georgia, but my home address is in Texas. My offer letter states that my initial posting will be at the client site in Alpharetta, GA. Recently, my amendment to work from my home address in Texas was approved. Despite this, my employer is now insisting that I relocate to Atlanta immediately, citing that it is "non-compliant" for me to work from Texas. They also mention that, according to their contract with the client, the work address is listed as Atlanta, and I should be working from there.

Is my employer legally allowed to force me to move to Atlanta despite my approved amendment? What are my rights in this situation, and what steps can I take to address this issue?

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Your boss is associated with an immigration attorney and chances are that he has already had legal council. 

Many clients have now started insisting on hybrid or onsite presence at worksite location.  Check with your employer if the Atlanta client is insisting that you to show up at their worksite in Atlanta and if yes, then you will have to relocate to Atlanta.  Chances are you may loose this client/project if you do not move to Atlanta, and it may be very difficult to find another client/project in this very tough economy.   

Chances are also very high that you might get terminated if you do not listen to your current boss. 

You get 60 days of grace period after termination to find another employer.  Good Luck.

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