H1B and Lay Off

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I am on H1B with approved i-140 in EB3.

My stamped i-94 expired in 2023 and extension is approved in Feb till Aug 2026.

I am laid off on May 21, 2024 and my last payroll was ran on May 31, 2024. The paystub says the date from May 16 - May31


Ques 1 : My grace period starts from May 22 or June 1st?

Ques 2 : I have some interview lined up with hiring somewhere in August. I see bleak chances of i-129 filed before July 31 . Is there any way I can extend the grace period? Or do I have to go on B1/B2 through i-539?

Ques 3 : Suppose I go to B1/B2 and then H1B, what are potential issues I may face in future in stamping? Will I lose the drop-box waiver due to this?

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Ans 1:  To be on the safe side, consider May 21 as your last working day.  Your grace period starts from May 22.

Ans 2:  File for B1/B2 before the grace period expires.

Ans 3:  Check out the website to see if you qualify for dropbox stamping.

Good Luck.

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