Renewal of Advance Parole(I-131) and EAD (I-765) - I-94 expired-Will that be an issue for Renewal?


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Hi, I have GC-EAD and Advance Parole valid until AUG 2024. Me and spouse traveled to India and we used our Advance Parole's to enter into US on FEB 2023. We were given 1 year Parole. Class of Admission: DA

Myself (Primary) - Applied for renewal of Advance Parole in NOV 2023 as my Parole end date was NOV 2023. Note: I didn't get a COMBO card. so the attorney suggested I have can file renewal of I-131 only because my EAD is valid until AUG 2024. So, I have filed my I-131 before the end date mentioned on my I-512 Parole notice.

Spouse (Derivative) - She got a COMBO card (initially) and her I-512 and EAD are valid until AUG 2024 so we didn't do anything in NOV.

Now, My EAD and spouse's I-131 and I-765 both renewals are yet to be filed

I am planning to file the renewal on my own, As per the checklist of documents, I noticed that I-94 is one of the document. later I realized that both our I-94's got expired in FEB 2024.

Is it okay if I submit the renewal applications using Expired I-94 copies or else I don't use or submit my I-94 document for renewal. 

Kindly advise.

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