H4 DS 160 Question - Related to Employment as Self-Employed/ Independent Contractor

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Hi - My wife has an H4 EAD. She is not in IT and instead is self employed or can be considered an independent contractor for an E-commerce platform. Specifically she cooks and sells her food on an E-commerce platform Shef.com. The platform does not pay her directly, but enables transactions from end customers who purchase her food and deposits money into her account. She pays taxes on her income as an independent contractor as Shef.com furnishes her and IRS a form 1099-K. This is very much like the Uber model where independent contractors enable a service for end-customers using an E-commerce platform. We will be renewing her Visa stamp (I 797A already approved) for H4 and in the DS 160 I need guidance on the below

- Primary Occupation  Should it be other and then later explained as Self Employed?

- Present Employer: Since she technically doesn't have an employer who pays her salary should this field be self employed?

- Monthly Income in Local Currency (if employed): I am not sure if we should report her monthly income from food sales given than the question has a qualifier "if employed". Technically she isn't employed. Please advice.


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