Working for multiple employers on STEM OPT and approval chances?

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is it advisable to include two employers in stem opt application of I-765 ? What are the chances of approval? I wanted to continue working full time for both employers. Currently I am working for both on current initial OPT. if incase the decision of application comes late, am i eligible to continue employment beyond 180 days even If I include in recommendation for one employer only or should I mandatorily include both during application. i was thinking to add second employer after approval considering if I may receive decision before current EAD expiry? The main concern adding two employers while request for stem opt extension may raise concern in approval? If two employers can be included in stem opt application, please give me a right approach for smooth approval

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STEM OPT Employment Types | Harvard International Office


STEM OPT Employment Types

In order to qualify for STEM OPT, the employment details for each job you plan to begin must be outlined on a Form I-983 Training Plan. Since the I-983 Training Plan requires a structured employment relationship, supervision, and evaluation, this means that employment conditions allowed under STEM OPT are significantly less flexible that employment permitted under post-completion OPT. If working for more than one employer, each position requires a completed I-983 and must meet each of the below criteria. For more information on the process to change or add employers during STEM OPT, please see Student Responsibilities on STEM OPT

A short comparison of employment conditions permitt

ed under post-completion OPT and STEM OPT:

Employment Permitted under Post-Completion OPT

Employment Permitted under STEM OPT

Allows for unpaid and paid positions Must be a paid position
All jobs combined must total 20 hours per week or more Each position must be for 20 hours per week or more
Employer does not have to be registered with E-Verify Each employer must be registered with E-Verify
Must be a position related to the major listed under “Program of Study” on the I-20. Must be a position related to the STEM program 
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