H1B employee traveling to India and working from there for a few months due to family medical emergency

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Hello, I had to rush to India in January 2024 due to a family medical emergency. My father has been diagnosed with terminal illness and I have been here to support him and my family in this difficult time. My employer is well aware of my situation and has been supportive throughout. I have been working from India during EST hours all this while and being paid.

1) Is there a limit to the maximum number of days an H1B employee can stay outside USA . 
2) Will there be any issues upon re-entry at port of entry? (note- This is a genuine family medical emergency . I have doctor's certificates and medical bills and employment verification letter with me)
3) I read somewhere there are tax implications if you stay out of country for more than 6 months.Is this true?

What are my chances of staying in India longer to support my dad and family, considering I have already spent 4.5 months .
Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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1. No. In fact,  you can only be in H1 status while in the USA. You can add on these days to your potential stay here in H1 status.

2. You need an appropriate letter from the employer confirming your job. You need a valid H1 Visa and an appropriate H1 petition while coming back.

3. That is why you consult a CPA on returning.

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