Employer said wrong hire after complaining to hr about manager abuse

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   I had applied to a job as per the job description which said a set of technologies or another technology, I applied as i have good experience in another technology and I have some experience in that set of technology and during the interview I had only explained about my other tech experience and I was selected and after couple of months manager started interviewing me on said set of technologies and abused/insulted me (and out of job insecurity I have worked on all the skills they mentioned on the job ad) after i have complained this to HR during performance appraisal period and I have explained that I was interested on this another tech as per the job post, they checked with manager and told me that i was wrong hire and raised a PIP and no matter how much i work manager comes with new things and finally they are finally proceeding with termination. do i have any rights to stand and report and get anything out of it for my benefit, can you please kindly advise ?


thank you


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