H4 to F1 COS approved, can I travel outside US before F1 status gets activated to get stamping?

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I am enrolled in University under H4 visa. My COS from H4 to F1 got approval and will become active from August 4th. Currently F1 status is not active for me. Can I travel to home country and get F1 visa with the change of status I20 which gave me COS approval? Will my visa be processed with the COS approval or is there a risk of rejection? I want to return to US with F1 visa.

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The COS per se is not related to the F1 Visa. If it is a reputable college, your chances of getting the visa are good. With F1, there is always a risk of rejection due to the difficulty of proving a lack of Immigrant Intent. Having said this, hundreds and thousands of students with the F1 Visa do come over to study here.

In case of any issues, you can always continue your studies in H4 status.

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