Disabled sibling attending B1/B2 visa interview

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I am a U.S. citizen and my physically disabled sister, who lives with my parents (both already have their visitor visas), has her B1/B2 interview later this month. We recently bought a house in the U.S. and want to show that as the reason for my parents and sister to visit U.S. I will be their financial sponsor and have prepared the form I-134 to be shared with the visa officer if asked. 

Given my sister is a physically handicapped, I have the following concerns:

1.) I know showing strong ties to home country is important. In her case I am not sure how to showcase that other than keeping her reason to visit US simple (I want to bring my parents and sister to US to show our new home). My parents have a house in India and my sister lives with them. They plan to return after a month's stay here. Any other suggestions or ideas please?

2.) I will be in India during her interview. Is it a good idea for me (U.S. citizen and her financial sponsor) to accompany her to the interview or will it back fire?

I have initially come to U.S. on F1, secured a job and have a clean record. Both my parents visited me, separately, and went back well within 6-month stay. If anyone who has been in a similar situation can share their experiences or any useful suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanking you in advance!


- Sri. 

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