B1/B2 visitor visa rejected multiple times.

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My Father & Mother in law's were trying to visit the USA using visitor visa but it was rejected multiple times.
1. Applied using my H1B the first time it is rejected.
     My father in law tried to apply in the 90's for a labor visa and got rejected.
     We are thinking that it is impacting it now to approve visitor visa. I have applied in 2017 and was rejected without saying any reason and asked to try it for next time.
       For my mother in law the D.O.B got mistaken for a passport and few questions asked and rejected.
 2. Applied 2nd time using my H1B after correction of D.O.B in my mother in law passport
      Again it is rejected by asking 1 or 2 common questions like what is income, why you are travelling and did you travel to any other country? etc...
 3. In Fact their son did a MS in the USA and for graduation we applied.
      Again it is failed by asking simple questions like did you travel to any other country.
So recently they traveled to Malaysia for a visit and are now planning to reapply again and we need your suggestion/help to apply this time only for my mother in law to get it approved. Need some advice.
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