on h1b, arrested for DV case but prosecutors rejected the case

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it sucks that i have to go through explaining the circumstance of the arrest for rest of my life while entering the US or for visa stamping. I am planning to gather the following documents while traveling, let me know if i am missing anything-

  • Decline to prosecute letter from DA office
  • Explanation letter from my defense attorney
  • No case found letter from the court
  • I have a police report that has exaggerated stuff written, so i am planning to find an alternate to this report. something that's less incriminating.

For those who have gone through the similar situation,

  1. what type of questions do they ask during visa interviews and POE interrogation?
  2. Do i need to carry this police report given i might be grilled more each time explaning myself for the stuff written in it? 
  3. Are their specialized immigration attorneys who help in framing the answers to these questions and verify that i have the required documents?
  4. does this impact h1b extensions or i140 filing for greencard?

Your inputs are highly appreciated.

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  • 4 weeks later...

FBI report has it all. 

Rule is simple arrested does not matter. if case dismissed unconditionally--meaning you did not have to go through any program or ACD without any kind of community service etc....STRAIGHT DISMISSSAL you are safe...for rest one needs an attorney...pre-trial diversion needs an attorney to fix. jail time over 1 year probably will cost TONS to fix.

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