Pulling I-140 document online

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I went though employer A to file for my Green card process. In that process we went through labor and I140. In I-140 first it was showing as approved and in end day it moved the status from approved to "Case Was Sent To The Department of State" . I asked my employer A and he said there is nothing to worry everything is fine. 
After a year I accepted an offer from Company B, now this company is starting my Green card process, in this process they asked me for by I-140 document, when I checked with my previous employer A, he is not ready to share any information regarding this. I tried to file a  FOIA request as well, but I got a response "No records responsive to your request were located". not sure how to get my I-140 document and proceed with my company B. Is there any other way to get the document. 


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