H1B Visa Refused under 221(g)

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I was issued a pink 221(g) with a checkbox on further administrative processing required. The following entailed during the interview:
1). 2 interviews happened.
2). the first interviewing Officer mentioned the name of the boss and asked me who he was. After sometime he clarified that the visa had been refused pending further administrative processing. He also asked me to go for another interview to a different counter. 
3). The 2nd interviewing officer asked me about my company & also straight up asked if my boss had an ongoing case. My answer was "not that i know of". It seemed very obvious that his name was flagged. 
4). After this the 221(g) pink slip was issued and they had clarified that they need to reach out to certain agencies to verify some information. I asked them how long this may take and they answered that usually takes up to 3 weeks but depends on the response timeframe from the agencies and is not fully in their control. I did ask them to expedite this matter. 

--> After my interview, my boss it was clarified that there are no ongoing cases on him.
--> Upon checking public records for any cases under my Boss' name i found that their existed an immigration fraud case by a group of people out of which one of them had the same exact name as my boss and resided in the same city as him.
This made me connect the dots and understand that they may be screening my boss to verify that he is not the same person who defrauded the immigration department. 

It has been about a month since this was issued and i would like to know the following:

A). How can this be expedited?
B). Also is there a way to get the passport back if i have any coming travel plans??
C). Upon calling them they just tell me the same as the case status online and have no authority to give any more information. 
D) Is my assessment accurate of the above? Any other things i am missing here. 

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