Possibility to convert from J1 to other visa type? Urgent!!!!!!!!

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My wife is on J1 Visa and currently working as a visiting faculty at the university, her tenure is about to end next month (06/30/2024). She is actively looking for a Job so she can extent her current J1 visa. But its market is tough out there.  
What are our options to continue her stay after her J1 visa expires next month, if she can't find a job and extend her J1 visa?

Here are some options we wanted to explore more on and see if any of them is possible.
Option 1: J1 to H4?
Option 2: J1 to B1/B2?
Option 3: J1 to F1?
Option 4: open for suggestion.
Note: She is subject to the 212e clause, and we don’t have a waiver for her.
My Current Visa is H1B, and I-140 process is ongoing.

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