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I am F1 opt student and got selected in H1B lotter for year 2025. My employer said he will file regular H1B processing while joining the company but now they changed the process and forcing everyone that they will file only consular processing. We should go to india only with opt and come back and they will start our H1b 3 months before the stem OPT END Date.  They are blocking us and saying if you would like to File H1b we should not ask them any questions and should follow what they says. if we are asking questions and they are rude and saying to leave the company. 

My question can we fight with employer to file only Regular H1b. if we go for consular processing we should be with them until they ask us to go to india for stamping. we are wasting our time and politics with in the consultancy.

Till last year they are filing only regular H1B now they are forced to file Consular.

Any suggestions how to proceed further?



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Your H1b will start from October 01, 2024.  However, it looks like the employer (for some reason) is trying to"delay" the H1b start date by keeping you on OPT  longer, beyond October 01, 2024, using tactics of consular processing.

It is your call.  With a different employer, you will have to get into H1b lottery again, next year.  Good Luck. 

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