Transfer Stamped H1B visa in India

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I got stamped on new cap H1B 2023 from company A in last NOV for which i have been working from past 12 years and currently in India.

I will have to transfer to company B as there is no scope to travel with  company A in coming 6-12 months.

If i resign company A(i'm on bench and no projects right now), can company B file transfer petition and can i go to visa interview again with no issues in India.

what are precautions to be taken before i transfer initiation from company A to B?

In case Visa transfer is rejected or rejected during Interview at Consulate, can i fallback to company A? will my current company get to know that i'm transferring the H1B and try to revoke?

I have idea of H1B transfer in USA how it works, but in India, not sure how it works? I had already completed my 6 years of H1B visa in US and this is 2nd time i got H1B visa with same company now i need to transfer visa as there is no travel and not many projects.

thank you in advance for helping with answers.



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1. You have an H1 visa stamp based on your latest H1 Petition.

2. You are in India right now

3. Nothing gets transferred. Based on getting the H1 visa stamp on your passport, you are allowed to work for any other H1 sponsor who applies for and gets an H1 petition approved for you. 

4. You do not need a new H1 Visa stamp to come over on an approved H1 petition and start work.


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